Unleashing the Secrets of Indian History: Test Your Knowledge with 20 Questions and Answers!

  1. Who was the first Prime Minister of India? Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. Who was the leader of the Indian independence movement and served as India’s first Prime Minister? Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  3. Which event in 1857 is often referred to as the First War of Indian Independence? Answer: Indian Rebellion of 1857
  4. Which Mughal emperor built the Taj Mahal? Answer: Shah Jahan
  5. Who was the founder of the Maurya Empire? Answer: Chandragupta Maurya
  6. Who was the first woman to become the Prime Minister of India? Answer: Indira Gandhi
  7. Which Indian leader was known as the “Father of the Nation”? Answer: Mahatma Gandhi
  8. Who was the last Mughal emperor of India? Answer: Bahadur Shah Zafar II
  9. Who was the first Indian woman to win a Nobel Prize? Answer: Mother Teresa
  10. Which Indian state was formed in 2000 and was the first to be created on a linguistic basis? Answer: Jharkhand
  11. Which Indian king is known for his policies of non-violence and religious tolerance? Answer: Ashoka the Great
  12. Which Indian city was the capital of British India before New Delhi? Answer: Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta)
  13. Who was the first Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games? Answer: Abhinav Bindra (in shooting, at the 2008 Beijing Olympics)
  14. Which Indian state was the first to become completely electrified? Answer: Kerala
  15. Who was the first Indian woman to win a Grand Slam title in tennis? Answer: Sania Mirza (in mixed doubles at the 2009 Australian Open)
  16. Which Indian ruler is known for his military campaigns in the Deccan region of India and his patronage of the arts? Answer: Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire
  17. Which Indian state has the largest area? Answer: Rajasthan
  18. Who was the first Indian astronaut to travel to space? Answer: Rakesh Sharma
  19. Which Indian emperor is known for his military conquests and is considered to be one of the greatest military commanders in history? Answer: Samudragupta of the Gupta Empire
  20. Which Indian city is known as the “City of Joy”? Answer: Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta)

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