Amritpal Singh seen in the jacket in new CCTV footage from Patiala

Although Amritpal Singh continues to elude capture, new CCTV footage shows him strolling in Patiala on March 19 after successfully eluding capture.

Fresh CCTV footage shows Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh wandering around the streets of Patiala on March 19, a day after the Punjab Police began a big raid on the radical Sikh leader. While the Khalistan sympathizer remains elusive, with authorities still in the dark about his location a week after the crackdown, CCTV video has revealed Amritpal’s movements.

Amritpal was observed riding a bike after changing his clothing in a gurudwara, riding a three-wheeled motorized cart, and finally strolling under an umbrella in Haryana’s Kurukshetra. Amritpal fled from Punjab to Haryana, according to the police, who claimed to have connected the dots in the CCTV footage. Yet, the new one has no new location because it was most likely created before Amritpal’s departure from Punjab.

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