My Name Is Not Savarkar, Won’t Apologies”: Rahul Gandhi On Disqualification

New Delhi : A day after the main opposition leader was banned from parliament, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr. Gandhi claimed he was disqualified because the Prime Minister was “frightened of his upcoming address” in parliament. When questioned why he didn’t apologies for his words in London and throughout the defamation trial in which he was convicted, he made a Veer Savarkar connection.

“The Prime Minister has disqualified me because he is afraid of my upcoming speech. I could sense terror in his eyes. That’s why they won’t let me speak in Parliament “stated Congress’s leader.

In response to the BJP’s demands for an apology, he stated, “Savarkar is not my name. Gandhi is my name. I’m not going to apologies.”

He also refuted the BJP’s claim that he desired international meddling in the country’s domestic affairs. He claimed he had requested the Speaker to allow him to reply to the charges about his London statements on the House floor.

“According to BJP officials, I am assisting anti-India elements. I informed the Speaker of my right to react to these claims. But he wouldn’t let me “He said. “I just have one step to take, and that is to fight for the truth and to safeguard our country’s democratic nature. Disqualify me for life, imprison me for life, and I’ll keep going.”

Rahul Gandhi was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in a criminal defamation case by a court in Gujarat’s Surat on Thursday.

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