Narendra Modi’s Third Term Inauguration: A Global Gathering

Narendra Modi’s Third Term Inauguration: A Global Gathering

On the upcoming Sunday at 6 pm, Narendra Modi is poised to take oath for an unprecedented third consecutive term as the Prime Minister of India. This significant political event is set to be a grand affair, with the presence of over 8,000 dignitaries, heralding not only national but also international significance.

Global Leaders to Attend

The ceremony will be graced by an array of prominent international figures, including Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickremesinghe, and Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The attendance of these high-profile guests underscores the strong diplomatic ties between India and its neighboring countries and highlights the event’s regional importance.

Meticulous Preparations

In preparation for this momentous event, extensive security measures have been implemented. According to sources, these preparations are in anticipation of a major bilateral meeting expected to occur the day following the swearing-in ceremony. This meeting signifies the importance of the event as a platform for fostering and enhancing international dialogue and cooperation.

Additional Arrangements

In a recent briefing, it was shared that all newly elected Members of Parliament are invited to attend with their spouse and three additional guests. To ensure seamless coordination among the various agencies involved, a rehearsal is planned prior to the event.


As Narendra Modi steps into his third term, the ceremony is set to be more than a formal political event; it is a demonstration of India’s robust democratic spirit and its pivotal role on the global stage. The preparations and the esteemed list of attendees reflect the ceremony’s grandeur and its significance in paving the way for future international collaborations and diplomatic endeavors.


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