Vastu Tips for Home: Remove These Things from Your House to Avoid Problems

A harmonious living environment is necessary for a pleasant and productive existence. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural discipline, may help you arrange and design your house to enhance positive energy flow. In this essay, we will look at important Vastu guidelines for eliminating specific objects from your home. By removing these items, you may reduce bad energy and welcome pleasant vibrations into your home, averting future difficulties.

Broken or Unused Items:

Broken or useless things in your house can cause sluggish energy and obstruct constructive flow. These things are useless and take up valuable space. To restore equilibrium and create a clutter-free environment, remove or mend damaged things.

Clutter and Excessive Furniture:

A congested environment impedes the flow of good energy. Clear the clutter and organise your possessions. Excessive furniture may also generate a sensation of congestion and limit movement. To preserve an open and large environment, keep just necessary furnishings.

Mirrors Facing the Bed:

Mirrors facing the bed are deemed inauspicious according to Vastu principles. Mirrors reflect energy and can interrupt sleep. Mirrors that face the bed should be removed or covered to encourage better sleep and peace in the bedroom.

Cactus and Thorny Plants:

Cacti and thorny plants are said to generate bad energy. Such plants should be removed from the house, particularly from the main entry or communal rooms. Choose plants with lush, colourful foliage and rounded or soft leaves to bring positive energy into your home.

Electronic Devices in the Bedroom:

Electronic gadgets generate electromagnetic radiation that can disrupt sleep patterns and cause disruptions. Avoid keeping electronic gadgets in the bedroom, such as televisions, laptop computers, or mobile phones. Remove them if feasible, or keep them at a safe distance from the sleeping space.

Unused or Broken Clocks:

Clocks that are no longer functional or have ceased working represent stagnation and a lack of development. Remove any disused or broken clocks from your home, since they may represent a stumbling block in your life. Replace them with visually beautiful and useful clocks that keep exact time.

Negative or Disturbing Artwork:

The vibe of a room is greatly influenced by artwork. Remove any paintings or artwork that depicts bad themes, violence, or upsetting pictures. Choose cheerful and pleasant artwork that encourages pleasure and tranquillity instead.

Irregularly Shaped Furniture:

Irregularly formed furniture, such as angular or sharp-edged items, can emit negative energy into a room. Replace it with well-designed, smooth-edged furniture that promotes a sense of balance and harmony.

Unused or Broken Fountain:

Fountains are frequently seen as auspicious in Vastu Shastra, however if they are inoperable or broken, they might draw bad energy. Remove any damaged or non-working fountains from your house. If you want to preserve a fountain, make sure it’s in good operating order and well-maintained.

Dust and Dirt:

Over time, dust and filth accumulate negative energy. Maintain a clean and sanitary living environment by cleaning your home on a regular basis. Pay particular attention to corners, concealed spaces, and dust-prone objects.


Using Vastu principles in your house entails not only introducing good components but also removing bad impacts. You may create a balanced and harmonious living area by eliminating objects that cause negative energy. Remember that Vastu principles are intended to direct and promote good energy flow in your house. Adapt these suggestions to your specific tastes and needs, and witness Vastu’s transformational power in fostering a tranquil and prosperous existence.

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