Nepal bans solo trekking and introduces new regulations for remote areas

The government of Nepal has expanded its prohibition on solitary hiking and climbing. This used to just apply to Mount Everest, but it now covers the entire nation. A licenced guide must be hired or a party must be formed in order to go to isolated areas of the nation under the new regulations.
The action aims to lower the cost of efforts to find and rescue stranded solo hikers. Together with addressing the issue of unregistered travel operators. These unregistered tour operators and operators pay no taxes and are accused of displacing Nepalis from their employment. Nepal’s main source of income is the trekking sector. Eight of the world’s highest mountains are found in Nepal.Hikers who go missing may be hard to find since many rural regions lack basic infrastructure.

Several members of the climbing and trekking communities have voiced their displeasure with the new regulations. People’s access to the mountains is allegedly restricted. Others feel that the adjustments are required given the rise in visitors who try strenuous climbs in Nepal and the government’s inability to thoroughly check each visa applicant individually.

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