Diving Deep: Unveiling the Wonders of India’s First Underwater Metro Tunnel in Kolkata

A Historic Dive: India’s First Underwater Metro Tunnel

On March 6, 2024, India unveiled a revolutionary feat in its urban transportation infrastructure – the inauguration of the country’s first underwater metro tunnel in Kolkata. This remarkable project marks a significant milestone in the city’s development, offering a faster, more efficient, and convenient mode of travel for its residents.

Delving into the Details:

The underwater metro tunnel boasts several impressive features:

  • Length and Depth: The tunnel stretches over 520 meters, making it the deepest metro tunnel in India. It forms part of a larger 16.6 km long metro line, with 10.8 km running underground, including the underwater section.
  • Connecting Cities: The tunnel plays a crucial role in connecting Howrah and Salt Lake, two important hubs in Kolkata. This connection significantly reduces travel time between the two cities, fostering improved connectivity and economic opportunities.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Trains traveling through the tunnel cover the 520-meter stretch in just 45 seconds, offering a swift and efficient travel experience for commuters.
  • Advanced Technology: The tunnel incorporates Automatic Train Operation (ATO) technology, ensuring safe and efficient train movement within the tunnel.
  • Affordable Accessibility: Ticket prices for the underwater metro start at just ₹5, making it an accessible and convenient option for people from all walks of life.
Beyond the Engineering Marvel:

The construction of the underwater metro tunnel signifies more than just an engineering marvel. It represents:

  • Urban Development: This project marks a significant step forward in Kolkata’s urban development, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable transportation system.
  • Economic Boost: The improved connectivity facilitated by the tunnel is expected to stimulate economic growth by facilitating easier movement of people and goods.
  • Technological Advancement: The project showcases India’s growing expertise in advanced engineering and infrastructure development.
  • Symbol of Progress: The inauguration of the underwater metro tunnel stands as a symbol of India’s progress and its commitment to improving the lives of its citizens.
The Journey Ahead:

While the initial operational stretch from Salt Lake Sector V to Sealdah is already functioning, the entire East-West route, connecting Salt Lake Sector V to Howrah Maidan, is expected to be operational by June or July 2024. This completion will further enhance the reach and impact of this revolutionary project.

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