‘How Would Rahul Gandhi’s Disqualification Alter the Dynamics of Indian Politics in the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections?’ Smriti Irani Responds to a Students Question

Smriti Ira had come to participate in the youth dialogue program organized by Bengaluru MP Tejasvi Surya. During this, a law student asked him that if Rahul’s membership was canceled in 2024, what would be its effect. Smriti Irani on this replied, “Lawyer, tell me what changes can one make ?”, when he is always absent

You should be aware that it is a court directive, and that it is a court direction because the individual in question committed a racist insult against the OBC community. Let us first establish that reality. Many of you who are sat here today may not be aware of each other’s caste or religious background. Let me to call your attention to someone on stage who is a member of the OBC community. Therefore Mr. Gandhi’s racist insult is directed not only at one person, but at the entire community, which includes the chancellor. As a result, the matter is currently being litigated in a court of law on the basis of merits and evidence.

If you read the verdict, it states that the guy in question did not defend himself, which leads me to believe one of two things: either no one in his political organization wanted to defend him because they knew what the courts might do in accordance with the law. Perhaps Rahul Gandhi believed he was beyond the law and that no court in this nation would try him, Irani remarked.

She made reference to Gandhi’s recent comments made in London that he cannot talk in Indian institutions “Gandhi visited universities in India and spoke with students there, but no official prevented him from doing so. Hence, he was lying when he was in England.”

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