Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf were shot dead in Prayagraj, and three perpetrators were apprehended.

Atiq Ahmad, a gangster-turned-politician whose son Asad was murdered in an encounter on Thursday, was shot dead on Saturday in Prayagraj. According to sources, the shooting occurred within the MLN Medical College grounds, while they were being sent for a medical checkup in Prayagraj. As further information about the event emerge, news outlet PTI claimed that two to three persons opened fire on them. On Saturday, Atiq Ahmad’s son Asad Ahamd’s death rites were administered in his absence.

The murder was shown live on television stations as Atiq and Ashraf prepared to talk to the media. As Atiq and Ashraf slumped on the ground, they could hear indiscriminate firing.

Sunny, Lovelesh, and Arun, the three assailants, have been apprehended.

On Saturday, Atiq and Ashraf were being questioned by Uttar Pradesh Police at the Dhoomanganj police station.

The assailants were screaming Jai Shri Ram and were caught by police shortly after killing Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf. When Atiq and Ashraf were encircled by cops, they were shot. The rounds were fired at close range, with many bullets being discharged.

Cops on the scene stated that the assailants had not yet been interviewed and that they will speak only when they have been.

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