108 Names for 108 Blessings: How Chanting Shiva’s Mantras Can Elevate Your Life

108 Names for 108 Blessings: How Chanting Shiva’s Mantras Can Elevate Your Life

Do you ever feel a longing for something more in life? A deeper connection to yourself, the universe, or even the divine? The ancient practice of chanting Shiva’s 108 names, known as the Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali, might be the key you’ve been seeking.

1शिवShivaThe Auspicious One
2महेश्वरMaheshwaraThe Great Lord/God
3शम्भूShambhuThe Benevolent One, Source of Happiness
4पिनाकीPinakiThe Bearer of Pinaka (Shiva’s bow)
5शशिशेखरShashishekharaThe One Who Has the Moon on His Head
6वामदेवVamadevaThe Handsome One
7विरूपाक्षVirupakshaThree-Eyed Lord, The One with the Unique Eye
8कपर्दीKapardiThe One with Matted Hair
9नीललोहितNeelalohitaBlue-Throated One (due to poison consumption)
10शंकरShankaraThe Benevolent One, Granter of Happiness
11शूलपाणिShoolapaniThe Bearer of the Trident
12खटवांगीKhatvangiThe Bearer of Khatvanga (a club)
13विष्णुवल्लभVishnuvallabhaBeloved of Lord Vishnu
14शिपिविष्टShipivishtaEntered the Womb of Sita
15अंबिकानाथAmbikanathaConsort of Ambika (Parvati)
16श्रीकण्ठShrikanthaThe One with a Beautiful Neck
17भक्तवत्सलBhaktavatsalaLover of Devotees
18भवBhavaThe Source of Existence
19शर्वSharvaThe Destroyer
20त्रिलोकेशTrilokeshaLord of the Three Worlds
21शितिकण्ठShitikanthaBlue-Necked One
22शिवप्रियShivpriyaDear to Shiva
23उग्रUgraThe Fierce One
24कपालीKapaliThe One Who Wears a Garland of Skulls
25कामारीKamariThe Enemy of Kamadeva (god of desire)
26अन्धकान्तकAndhakantakaDestroyer of Andhaka (a demon)
27मृत्युंजयMrityunjayaConqueror of Death
28सर्वSarvaThe All-Pervading One
29त्रिपुरान्तकTripurantakaDestroyer of Tripura (three demon cities)
30जटाधरJatadharaThe One Who Has Matted Hair
31गिरिशGirishaLord of the Mountains
32स्थाणुSthanuThe Immovable One
33भर्गBhargaThe Radiant One
34सदाशिवSadashivaThe Eternally Auspicious One
35शिवShivaThe Benign One
36हरHaraThe Destroyer of Sins
37मृडMridaThe Gentle One
38पशुपतिPashupatiLord of the Animals
39देवDevaThe Shining One/God
40महादेवMahadevaThe Great God
41अव्ययAvyayaThe Imperishable One
42हरिHariThe Remover
43भगवान्BhagavanThe Lord/God
44प्रभुPrabhuThe Master
45ईशIshaThe Supreme Ruler
46स्रष्टाSrashtaThe Creator
47उदभूतUdbhavaThe Self-Born
48भूतभावनBhutabhavanaLord of all Beings
49पवित्रPavitraThe Pure One
50पुण्यPunyaThe Holy One
51सत्SatThe Truth/Reality
54पारParaThe Supreme/Beyond
55ब्रह्मBrahmaThe Ultimate Reality/God
56परमात्माParamatmaThe Supreme Soul
57ज्योतिःJyotirThe Light
58सूर्यSuryaThe Sun
59आदित्यAdityaThe Son of Aditi (the infinite space)
60प्रधानPradhanaThe Primordial Matter
61अनन्तAnantaThe Infinite One
62मनःManahThe Mind
63महान्MahanThe Great One
64महान्तकMahantakaThe Destroyer of the Great
65महातपाःMahatapahThe One Who Undertakes Great Penance
66महायोगीMahayogiThe Great Yogi
67महाबलीMahabaliThe One with Immense Strength
68महाभूतMahabhutaThe Great Element
69महानिधिMahanidhiThe Great Treasure
70कुमारKumaraThe Ever Youthful
71ब्रह्मण्यBrahmanyaDevoted to Brahman
72ब्रह्मकृत्BrahmakritThe Creator of the Universe
73ब्रह्माBrahmaThe Creator/God
74ब्रह्मविवर्धनBrahmavivardhanaThe Expander of the Universe
75ब्रह्मदBrahmadGiven to Brahman
76ब्रह्मज्ञBrahmajnaThe Knower of Brahman
77ब्राह्मणप्रियBrahmanapriyaDear to Brahmanas
78महाकर्माMahakarmaThe One Who Performs Great Actions
79महातेजाःMahatejahThe One with Great Splendour
80महोरगःMahoragahThe Great Serpent
81महाक्रतुMahakratuThe One Who Performs Great Sacrifices
82महायज्ञMahayajnaThe Great Sacrifice
83महाहविःMahahavihThe Great Oblation
84स्तव्यःStavyahThe One Who is to be Praised
85स्तवप्रियStavpriyaLover of Praise
86स्तोत्रStotraA Hymn of Praise
87स्तुतStutaThe Praised One
88रणप्रियRanapriyaLover of Battles
89नित्यNityaThe Eternal One
90शाश्वतShashwataThe Everlasting One
91ध्रुवDhruvaThe Firm/Fixed One
92अजAjaThe Unborn One
93विक्रमVikramaThe Valiant One
94भीमBhimaThe Formidable One
95प्रभुPrabhuThe Master/Lord
96वीरViraThe Hero
97रुद्रRudraThe Howler/The Fierce One
98बहुशिरःBahushiraThe Many-Headed One
99बभ्रुBabhruThe Brown/Tawny One
100विश्वयोनिVishvayoniThe Source of the Universe
101शुचिश्रवाःShuchishravahThe One of Pure Fame
102अमृतAmritaThe Immortal One
103शाश्वतस्थाणुShashwatasthanuThe Eternal Abode
104वरःVarahThe Boon-Giver
105वर्धनVardhanaThe Increaser/Prosperer
106पुष्टPushtaThe Nourished/Well-Fed One
107तारकTarakaThe Saviour
108परमेश्वरParameshvaraThe Supreme Lord/God

What’s in a Name? The Power of Mantras

In Sanskrit, mantra translates to “instrument of thought.” These sacred sounds are believed to hold immense vibrational energy, capable of transforming our minds and spirits. Each of Shiva’s 108 names encapsulates a unique aspect of his divine nature – from the destroyer of negativity to the ultimate source of compassion.

Chanting for Blessings: A Path to Self-Discovery

Chanting these names isn’t just a ritual; it’s a journey of self-discovery. With each repetition, you:

  • Cultivate Mindfulness: The rhythmic chanting helps you focus your mind, anchoring you in the present moment.
  • Invoke Divine Qualities: By repeating names like “Shambhu” (the Auspicious One) or “Shankara” (the Benevolent One), you invite those qualities into your own being.
  • Dissolve Negativity: Names like “Hara” (the Remover of Obstacles) help you release fears and anxieties.
  • Connect to the Divine: Chanting Shiva’s names fosters a deeper connection to the divine energy that permeates the universe.

How to Incorporate Chanting into Your Life

  1. Choose Your Setting: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Set an Intention: Before you begin, clarify your purpose for chanting. Are you seeking peace, clarity, healing, or something else?
  3. Use a Mala: A mala with 108 beads can help you keep track of your repetitions.
  4. Repeat with Devotion: Chant each name with sincere devotion, focusing on its meaning.
  5. Start Small: If chanting all 108 names feels overwhelming, begin with a smaller number and gradually increase.

Your Journey Begins Now

The path to enlightenment is a personal one. Chanting Shiva’s 108 names can be a powerful tool on that journey. If you’re ready to invite blessings, peace, and spiritual growth into your life, give this ancient practice a try.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?


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